History and institutions of the Muslim Countries
The course will provide students with and introduction to both Islam and the history of the Muslim World, from a non-Eurocentric perspective. Special attention will be given to the evolution of the relationship between religion and politics, and to the diachronic development of the different areas of the Muslim world from the coming of Islam to the Contemporary Era, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa.


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Fruizione: 20710732 STORIA E ISTITUZIONI DEI PAESI ISLAMICI in Storia, territorio e società globale L-42 GERVASIO GENNARO


The course aims at exploring the History of the Islamic world in its genesis with a special focus on it historical origin, in order to provide the students with:

a. A methodological introduction to the history of Islam and the Muslim majority countries, aiming at a critical approach, aware of the dangers of prejudices and misrepresentations. Hence, students will be introduced to the question of Orientalism, and its persistence until today, then the question of periodization of History from an Islamic viewpoint, looking in a diachronic way, at eras of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Region where Islam was born and developed in the first instance.
b. Basic elements of Islamic studies: creed, texts, pillars, umma, jihad, Law (shari'ah). Moreover, students will study the notions of: authority, Shi'a and Sunna, Caliphate and Imamate; Dhimma; Everyday Islam.
c. Outline of politico-institutional History of Islam from the Unity of the Caliphate until the fragmentation and the Ottoman Empire, highlighting the plurality of experiences of the Islamic States.
d. An Introduction to the basic themes of Modern and Contemporary History of Muslim Majority Countries, with a special focus on Middle East and North Africa.

Core Documentation

For those attending the course:

- Appunti delle lezioni
- Lorenzo Declich, Islam in 20 parole, Bari-Roma: Laterza 2016.
- Pier Giovanni Donini, Il mondo islamico. Breve storia dal Cinquecento a oggi, Bari-Roma: Economica Laterza, 2015 (o altre edizioni).
- Short articles available in pdf from http://bit.ly/dsu-gervasio, including:
- Anna Bozzo, L’Islàm questo sconosciuto.
- EW Said, Orientalismo, “Introduzione”.
- G. Endress, Introduzione alla storia del mondo musulmano, Capp. 1-3-6.

Those non attending must read one of the following:

- Carole Hillenbrand, Islam. Una nuova introduzione storica, Torino: Einaudi, 2016.
- G. Filoramo (a cura di), Islam, Roma-Bari: Laterza, ultima edizione.

We will also consult this translation of the Qur'an:
Il Corano, traduzione e cura di A. Bausani, Milano, BUR.

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures, seminars and guest lectures.

Type of evaluation

Final oral exam