21810426 - LABOUR LAW

The course of Lbour Law aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of the discipline that regulates labor relations and the employment relationship in the private sector. The purpose is to provide the necessary and sufficient knowledge to be able to carry out a work activity in the sector of labor relations or personnel offices.


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The program includes both the part dedicated to trade union law and the part dedicated to the right of individual work relationships.
In particular:
- Trade union freedom
- Trade union organization
- Trade union representation
- - Collective bargaining
- Strike
- Types of employment contract
- The managerial power
- The power of control
- Tasks, qualification and classification
- The disciplinary power
- Working time
- Salary
- The termination of the employment relationship

Core Documentation

Del Punta, Diritto del lavoro, Milano, Giuffrè, ultima edizione
Magnani, Diritto del lavoro, Torino, Giappichelli, ultima edizione

Type of delivery of the course

the course will take place through the standard classroom lecture

Type of evaluation

The evaluation will take place through an oral test, usually of two or three questions, aimed to assess the knowledge possession of the basic notions of the subject.