The course aims at highlighting the main evolutionary steps of economic theory, from 18th century until nowadays. A special focus will be on the theoretical contributions of the most important economists and on major issues as: the theory of value, the theory of income distribution, economic development, markets, money, and the role of public authorities in the economy.


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The course aims at providing an outline of the evolution of economic theorizing from Antiquity to the most recent developments. A special attention will be devoted to the works of F. Quesnay, A. Smith, D. Ricardo, T. R. Malthus, K. Marx, A. Marshall, V. Pareto, J. M. Keynes. As concerns the most recent developments of economic theory a particular attention will be devoted to theories concerning money, business cycle, unemployment, financial crises. The course further aims at providing a critical awareness on the relationships among economic theory and its practical implementation in terms of public policies.

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