The course aims to provide the knowledge for a thorough understanding of the system of sources of law, with particular regard to the influence of European and International law on the domestic legal system, as well as to the exercise of the right to judicial protection against all normative acts.
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The legal system.
Normative acts and facts.
Constitution and constitutional laws.
Ordinary laws.
Legislative acts of the government.
Other primary sources.
Regional laws.
Government and other authorities' regulations.
Constitutional conventions.
Antinomies and gaps in the system of sources.
Impact of European and international law on Italian law.

Core Documentation

R. Bin - Pitruzzella, Le fonti del diritto, Torino, Giappichelli, 2023, VI ed.
M. Siclari (ed.), La Costituzione della Repubblica italiana nel testo vigente, Roma, Aracne, 2022, VII ed.

Special Part: Further material on constitutional reforms in the XVIII and XIX Legislatures will be provided during the course.

Type of delivery of the course

Teaching will be based on frontal lessons aimed at acquiring the basics of the Italian system of sources of law.


Attendance at the course, although optional, is strongly recommended.

Type of evaluation

A final oral examination s expected in order to verify the knowledge acquired.