The learning objectives for English B1 (Intermediate Level) aim to develop foundational language skills and build proficiency for effective communication. Learners will focus on developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities, while also expanding their vocabulary and understanding of grammar.
Specific Learning Objectives:
• Understand and extract key information from everyday texts, such as emails, articles, and simple narratives.
• Write coherent paragraphs and short compositions on familiar topics, expressing personal opinions and experiences.
• Comprehend and participate in conversations on familiar subjects, expressing ideas, feelings, and preferences.
• Demonstrate grammatical accuracy in the use of basic tenses, sentence structures, and common expressions.
• Expand vocabulary and effectively use common words and phrases in various contexts.
• Develop basic listening skills to understand routine conversations, instructions, and short presentations.
• Foster cultural awareness and respect for diverse communication styles within English-speaking cultures.