The course is designed to provide knowledge to understand the influence of the components of the different farming systems on the quality and safety of animal products.
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Importance of livestock production in the agro-food system.
Farming systems of the major livestock species.
Fundamentals of organic farming.
Animal welfare in livestock production.
Animal foodstuffs and quality of animal derivate products.
Definition of quality and elements for the evaluation of products of animal origin

Core Documentation

Giovanni Bittante, Igino Andrighetto, Maurizio Ramanzin. 2005. Tecniche di Produzione Animale - Liviana Editrice, Padova.
Charles Alais. 2000. Scienza del Latte –Editore Tecniche Nuove.
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Type of delivery of the course

This is a lecture-based course held by the instructor. In the event of an extension of the health emergency from COVID-19, all provisions that regulate the methods of carrying out remote teaching activities will be implemented. In particular, as already experienced in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021, the distance teaching methods will be applied on the TEAMS platform.

Type of evaluation

The oral exam consists of questions about the topics of the program