The course aims to provide an overview of the planet Earth, introducing the basis for understanding the main geological aspects that characterize our planet. The course will also deal with the interactions between endogenous and exogenous processes in order to understand how these processes influence the shapes of the landscape. Moreover, the course aims to provide the tools to acquire knowledge about the Solar System and its planets, defining the planet Earth as an integrated system and highlighting its role within the Solar System.
During the didactical laboratories and field excursions students will learn to understand the different aspects of Italian territory, with particular regard to its environmental value e fragility.
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Mutuazione: 20410384 ELEMENTI DI GEOLOGIA I in Geologia del Territorio e delle Risorse LM-74 CIFELLI FRANCESCA


The environment of celestial bodies; the Solar System; the shape and size of the Earth; the main motions of the Earth (rotation and revolution); the long-term movements of the Earth; the Earth-Moon system.
Orientation; time and its measure; the representation of the earth's surface; the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), the reading of topographic maps.
The shapes of the relief and the modeling of the terrestrial relief; the marine hydrosphere, the continental hydrosphere, the cryosphere; the atmosphere; the climate.
The materials of the Earth: the minerals, the lithogenetic processes, the lithogenetic cycle.
The evolution of the Earth.

Core Documentation

Capire la Terra
J.P. Grotzinger, T-H Jordan
(Terza edizione italiana condotta sulla settima edizione americana)

Il Globo Terrestre e la sua evoluzione
E. L. Palmieri e M. Parotto
Sesta Edizione (2008)

Educational material distributed during the course

Type of delivery of the course

frontal teaching, hands-on activities, field laboratory

Type of evaluation

Grades will be computed based on this relative weighting scheme: Oral exam on the base of the program presented during the course 90% Class participation 10%