20410214 - Nutrigenomica

The course will deal with diet-genome interactions and the application of nutritional strategies in health maintenance.
Students should become familiar with the concept that external molecules present in our foods can affect human metabolism and gene expression in different cells and tissues. The course will address the utilization of the concept of “system biology” to nutrition.


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Mutuazione: 20410214 Nutrigenomica in Biologia per la ricerca molecolare, cellulare e fisiopatologica LM-6 VIRGILI FABIO


Role of nutrients and bioactive dietary molecules in the regulation of gene expression; Application of "omics" methodologies in the study of system nutrition; effects of diet-genotype interaction on the individual response to dietary stimuli; Nutritional phenotype; elements of Bayesian statistics

Testi Adottati

Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. Academic Press De Caterina, Martinez & Kohlmeier Eds
either (in italian)
Nutrigenomica ed epigenetica. Edra Ed. Galimberti et al Eds
A selection of scientific papers provided by the teacher