20410488 - Ecologia tropicale

This course will provide students with a general overview of tropical ecology. Students will gain insight about basic ecological concepts and be able to explore a variety of ecosystems, their animals and the multiple and complex ecological interactions that can be found in these areas.
Emphasis will be given to the study of the ecosystems found in Tropical Africa and Asia, but others will be discussed as well.
This course will provide also a first-hand experience of ecological research in the tropical environment and give a foundation in a range of topics including biodiversity, community ecology, ecosystem processes and conservation.
Tropical habitats are some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth and play critical roles in global biogeochemical cycles and climate regulation. However, they are undergoing rapid transformation through deforestation and land-use change. Alongside developing research skills this course will provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of how these ecosystems function and an appreciation of conservation and management of tropical habitats.
1) Become acquainted with the concepts and issues addressed to ecology;
2) Learn the characteristics of the major tropical ecosystems on earth;
3) Observe different ecosystems and seek examples of important biotic interactions regulating the tropical communities;
4) Understand and quantify the biodiversity of the tropics;
5) Understand the natural and human made impacts on tropical natural ecosystems;
Comprehend the importance of conservation and management of tropical natural systems.