20410491 - Fisiologia della risposta cellulare allo stress

The primary objective of the course is to enlarge and update student’s knowledge about the physiology and regulation of cellular functions mainly regarding the molecular mechanisms activated by cells in response to stressing conditions to maintain intracellular homeostasis.


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Mutuazione: 20410491 Fisiologia della risposta cellulare allo stress in Biologia per la ricerca molecolare, cellulare e fisiopatologica LM-6 FIOCCHETTI MARCO


Introduction to the molecular mechanisms of cellular functions regulation: membrane and nuclear receptors, mechanisms of intracellular signal transduction and amplification through protein’s post-translational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation).
Definition of cellular stress and physiological tolerance range. Description of intracellular mechanisms, at DNA, RNA and protein levels, through which cells sense and respond to a broad variety of stressing conditions, focusing the attention mainly on physiological response and cell adaptation to extracellular stressing stimuli, including heat, osmotic, hypoxic, oxidative and nutrient stresses.
Evaluation of intracellular organelles- specific stress response, including mitochondria- and ER-stress response.
Description of down-stream molecular mechanisms activated by cells in response to stress and devote to re-establish the intracellular homeostasis and to adapt themselves to the changed conditions. Brief description of the abnormal stress response and adaptation in pathological cell degeneration (e.g. cancer).
Definition and update of the state-of-art about the laboratory research approaches applied to the study of the physiological stress response and adaptation and the molecular mechanisms behind these functions.

Testi Adottati

The class will be provided with the study materials found by students and by the professor.

Modalità Erogazione

The course will be held through lectures, in-class critical discussion of scientific papers and laboratory techniques applied to the study of the physiology of cellular stress response.

Modalità Valutazione

The evaluation of student’s knowledge will be performed through in-course critical discussion about scientific papers and a final oral examination consisting in two parts. In the first part of the oral examination, the student will discuss about an autonomously chosen scientific paper regarding the mechanisms of cellular response to stress among those studied during the course. The second part of the oral examination will consist in the discussion about the others course’s topics.