knowledge of the fundamental coordinates for the understanding of the Late Antique settlements in the Mediterranean, and in particular of civil and religious monumental complexes; ability to communicate information and ideas orally
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The Course will give to the students the principal instruments to evaluate the decorative program of late antique monuments of Italy. The Course will focus on the painted decorations of roman Catacombs and on their relationship with other funerary contexts.

Core Documentation

F. Bisconti, Le pitture delle catacombe romane. Restauri e interpretazioni, Todi 2010.
R. Rea (a cura di), L'ipogeo di Trebio Giusto. Scavi e restauri, Città del Vaticano 2004.

Not attending students must add to the Assignment:
F. Bisconti, O. Brandt, Lezioni di Archeologia Cristiana, Città del Vaticano 2014.

Type of delivery of the course


Type of evaluation

Oral examination