The student will acquire advanced knowledge through specialised level analysis of one or more medieval Latin literary texts, with specific attention to formal aspects and seminar-like interaction with the students.
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Mutuazione: 20702456 LETTERATURA LATINA MEDIEVALE L.M. in Religioni, Culture, Storia LM-64 N0 DI MARCO MICHELE


Course title:
The pseudo-Augustinian treatise De spiritu et anima (late 12th-early 13th century).

Course description:
First of all, the course intends to outline, in broad terms, the developments of a theme - that of the soul - dear to the tradition of Western thought since its beginnings, and capable, in addition to incessantly nourishing high-level philosophical and religious reflection, also to have a singular impact on mentalities, on the imaginary, on life conduct, on the self-perception and representation of man in Western culture, and in particular in the Latin Middle Ages. A work will then be analyzed - the De spiritu et anima - of uncertain attribution, datable between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century, which enjoyed great success in the Middle Ages, and which - due to its eclectic character, but not lacking of originality - is well suited to provide a complex and problematic status quaestionis on the subject, before the most complete elaborations of Scholasticism. - As part of the module will also be activated exercises designed to guide the knowledge and use of the main electronic resources for the study and research on the Latin authors of the Middle Ages.

Core Documentation

- Alcherus Claraeuallensis (dubium) [= ps. Augustinus], De spiritu et anima, PL 40, coll. 779-832.
- Anima e corpo nella cultura medievale, a cura di C. Casagrande e S. Vecchio, Ed. SISMEL, Firenze 1999 (Millennio medievale, 15).

Type of delivery of the course

36 hours, second semester



Type of evaluation

oral exam