A general overview of medieval Mediterranean art history will provide the opportunity to become familiar with cultural and artistic interchanges and connections between the Latin West, the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world. Students will also be equipped with basic information on the main materials and techniques used in the decorative arts and ornamentation of the Middle Ages.
The selection of academic texts and articles will provide a critical and historiographical perspective, equipping students with a methodological approach to art historical research and a basic awareness of formal and cultural categories such as figurative and aniconic, mimesis and abstraction, tradition and innovation, cross-cultural exchanges, centres and peripheries, centrality and marginality.
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The course aims to provide students with a general background in the visual arts and ornament in the Medieval Mediterranean arena, retracing the main stages of historiography on the subject.
Through selected case studies (Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, San Vitale in Ravenna and the Great Mosque of Cordova, the Palatine Chapel in Palermo and San Lorenzo f.l.m. in Rome), an in-depth study of transcultural relationships between East and West in the 6th-13th centuries and among different visual, ornamental and esthetic languages will be provided.

Core Documentation

Una selezione di capitoli e articoli sarà offerta dai seguenti testi di riferimento:

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