How the service works

Dear University Student, this is a FREE service!

Have a look at the published offers by clicking Link identifier #identifier__81084-1here.

The list of available accommodations can also be found on the notice boards of the University offices and on Facebook at the page “Link identifier #identifier__166969-2Servizio Alloggi”.

Select the accommodation you are interested in.

You can choose among the listed options and you can arrange an appointment with the staff of the Accommodation Service in order to visit that or those you have selected.

Visit the accommodation and sign the contract.

You will always be supported by our staff from the visit of the apartment (s), when you’ll be signing the contract with the owner and also afterwards.


Sportello: Servizio Alloggi Via Ostiense 139
Mail: Link identifier 
Cell. +39 333 80 23 461 – +39 320 71 39 950
Tel. 06 57 33 43 98;
Fax 06 57 33 43 99;
Facebook: Link identifier #identifier__99840-4Servizio Alloggi
Web: Link identifier

Massimo Lione 08 July 2021