The Prorectorate

The Prorectorate, responsible for relations with schools, companies and institutions, is entrusted to Link identifier #identifier__55769-1Marco Ruotolo, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Department of Law, and Director of the post-graduate professional master’s programme in Link identifier #identifier__122032-2Penitentiary and Constitutional Law and Constitution.

As part of the university’s ‘Third Stream’ activities, which, alongside teaching and research, aim to encourage a wider opening of the university to the outside world, the Public Engagement activities of the Prorectorate are focused on promoting the diffusion of knowledge and the social commitment of the university.

The actions of the Prorectorate concern, in particular, the following areas:

The concrete actions are intended to put the university’s specialist skills at the service of society, without sacrificing in any way the primary role of the institution, namely research and teaching. They are actions that demonstrate that the university is an institution open to the future, capable of intervening in and contributing to resolving social, cultural and economic issues affecting the local community that it is part of.

Link identifier #identifier__164135-6Interim report on the activities of the Prorectorate (January 2018 – June 2019)


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