20110475 - Scientific Evidence and Civil Procedure

The purpose of the course is to provide students with the basic knowledge of the fact-finding system in civil proceedings, when this assessment needs a scientific knowledge. Italian law system will be compared with Anglo-Saxon ones, in which scientific evidence experience is well grounded.
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The course aims at providing students with the most relevant notions of scientific evidence both in Italy and common law countries.

After an introduction of general principles concerning evidence gathering according to Italian civil procedure law, the course focuses on the use of the science in civil proceedings and investigates, in a comparative light:

- expert witness

- statistics

- new technologies

- mass torts

- medical science

The course is based on interactive lessons. Students are encouraged to participate in the discussion of cases and legal materials presented during the classes. Furthermore, students are requested to present cases to the class.
Students’ evaluation shall be based on both class work/contribution and on an oral final exam.

Readings and course materials shall be provided during the course.

Testi Adottati

Cases and materials will be provided

Modalità Erogazione

Class will be attended in English

Modalità Valutazione

Multiple choice question