20110474 - Bio Law

The course aims to offer students an in-depth look at the international ethical debate on the legal regulation of medical research and practice facing scientific and biotechnological innovation challenges. The focus of the course will be the analysis of a selection of issues and problems (experimentation on human beings, reproductive technologies, genetic counseling and gene-editing, human enhancement) that lead to a critical reconsideration of the traditional way of understanding health in the direction of a new medicine ("beyond therapy") and the demand for the recognition of new rights related to it.
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The course is going to focus on the following selected topics:
- conceptions of disease: naturalism vs constructivism;
- positive conceptions of health and the future of health care;
- functional normality under discussion: the social model of disability;
- liberal eugenics and its critics
- Human enhancement:
-----assisted reproductive technologies and "negative" enhancement;
-----the case for/against perfection.

Testi Adottati

Reference texts, for the final research paper and the exam preparation, will be given during classes.

Modalità Erogazione

The course includes: - Lectures; - Discussions with students on the topics covered; - Discussions among students in small working-group; - Students' presentations on cases or discussions related to the topics concerned.

Modalità Valutazione

Students will be evaluated on the basis of: - the participation to the discussions held within the classes; - a final research paper to be discussed in the exam.