20110594 - Law and Gender  

Students will be familiar with the different theoretical approaches that address the relation between law and gender: from the critiques of the neutrality of the legal subject, to the discussion on intersectionality, to the relation between care, social reproduction and exploitation. Students will also acquire knowledge of the penal instrument contrasting violence against women at national and European and will critically address the issue gender representation in the media.
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Mutuazione: 20110594 Law and Gender   in GIURISPRUDENZA LMG/01 MASSARO ANTONELLA


Making trouble: a difficult definition of gender
Histories and theories of feminism
The gender of modernity
Making rights from below: the CEDAW
Criminal Law and Gender: general framework
Gender violence: the crime of stalking 
Gender, anti-discrimination law and human rights
Culturally motivated crimes
Gender, migrations and human rights
Gender and social reproduction Theory 
Sexual orientation and politics
Gender violence: the crime of sexual violence
Pornography and law

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