Mathematics and Physics

Aims and objectives of the Department are:

  • To become a point of reference for Physics and Mathematics, not only within the University but also in the area of Rome, as the only department in which Mathematics and Physics develop in a synergic way, while maintaining their own identity as scientific disciplines;
  • To pursue the advancement of pure and applied research in all areas of Physics and Mathematics, including computer science, logic and logical epistemology;
  • To promote, in close collaboration with the other departments of the University, interdisciplinary scientific research in which Physics and Mathematics provide an essential contribution, also through the establishment of interdepartmental centres;
  • To take care and promote the training of young people in research by managing PhDs in Physics and Mathematics within the framework of the PhD School in Mathematics and Physics;
  • To manage the teaching of the Bachelor’s of Science courses in Physics and Mathematics, making the best use of synergies and with the project to expand its training offer, increasing its relevance, also at an international level;
  • To take care and promote the teaching of Physics and Mathematics for the entire University, consolidating and developing academic activities in the fields of their own competence in all the areas of the subject, also fostering institutional relations with the other departments of the University which include in their degree and PhD courses the teaching of Physics and Mathematics;
  • To stimulate collaboration and relations with prestigious national, international and foreign institutions;
  • To promote the initial and on-duty training of teachers at schools of all levels in physics and mathematics;
  • To encourage scientific culture, with particular regard to Physics and Mathematics, also with a series of guidance activities dedicated to secondary school students and teacher training courses.



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