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Roma Tre University states the central role of research for the development of knowledge and the achievement of significant scientific, cultural, social and economic objectives. Thus, considering research as a primary function, fostering its development as well as its essential connection with teaching.

Roma Tre Students are therefore surrounded by a high-level international research environment that contributes, at each step of their study programme, to encourage and develop their skills.

Roma Tre promotes and supports basic research in all its scientific-disciplinary areas, enhancing its original and innovative contents. Roma Tre also promotes applied research focused on the development and transfer of new technologies, always respecting the aims and responsibilities deriving from its public role.

The Research Agency ensures an integrated and efficient advisory system, management and professional support, for the Departments and academic community, necessary for the administration, improvement and enhancement of the research activities through promotional activities, counselling, editing management and support, project dealing and management, both in planning and implementation stage, in the reporting and internal audit of financed contracts, as well as activities and updating new opportunities and funding models in European and international fields.

The Agency also provides its support in the administrative proceedings on PhDs and Phd Schools, on research fellowships procedureson the Research Repository management and during the submission of National and Regional projects.

The Agency is also responsible for supporting the innovation and technology transfer activities and all activities related to University spin-off establishment, considering that most of exchanges between academic research and entrepreneurship occur through those entrepreneurial realities.

The Agency is supported by a Link identifier #identifier__90326-1Scientific Board with the purpose of an active changing of information and expertise on the political implementation of University’s research. The Scientific Board is appointed by the Rector and consists of six members, one of them with the function of Coordinator.

For further information about research at Roma Tre, please browse the sites of Link identifier #identifier__112671-2National Research OfficeLink identifier #identifier__54615-3European and International Research Office,  Link identifier #identifier__62743-4Departments and Research Centres and Link identifier #identifier__20542-5Research Repository.


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