The aim of the Department of Architecture is to contribute to the innovation and integration of the several architectural fields of study in the broad spectrum of their applications; it also supports, through research and teaching, the academic devotion of students, professors and researchers in both learning and experimental activities required for the development of architectural projects. The challenge is to guide cultural, educational and scientific commitment towards wide-ranging and constantly evolving issues and problems within the international context, the heritage of our historical tradition, the ethical values and the usefulness of the architect's work, while maintaining a constant attention to the many changes that characterise contemporary society. The meaning of the multifaceted approach of our innovative departmental organization is to provide basic knowledge and techniques coming from very different areas, in order to create over the time a conceptual synthesis which provides insight and understanding of the complexity of design problems, as well as the tools for a flexible scientific approach and an appropriate critical assessment. Research will follow multiple objectives, focusing both on basic questions, with clear training and methodological purposes, and on experimental studies, focusing more on the technical-specialist aspects of the disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach is the distinguishing feature of our school of architecture. The course is structured in three cycles and it is based on a strict plan: the first cycle involves an extensive and complete basic training; the goal of the second cycle is to achieve advanced and comprehensive professional skills, with a specific cultural and practical orientation; finally, the purpose of the third cycle is to provide a modern, original and critical analysis of projects.



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