Promotion and dissemination of knowledge and culture

The university is committed to promoting and enhancing the initiatives of its departments to disseminate knowledge through the use of e-learning tools, free access to scientific publications in digital format via the Link identifier #identifier__182624-1e-press project and the support of the Link identifier #identifier__89672-2Roma Tre Education Foundation. Specific actions are planned to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of humanistic and scientific knowledge in general cultural and civic education. These actions will also be promoted through the university’s Link identifier #identifier__173672-3Roma Tre Radio and audiovisual materials available at our Link identifier #identifier__190136-4Audiovisual Production Centre.

In terms of cultural dissemination, the central role is played by the activities of the Link identifier #identifier__92251-5Palladium Theatre, which hosts a variety of live shows and film festivals of international importance. The cultural activities of the university also include the promotion of the documentary heritage of the Link identifier #identifier__155030-6Mauro Laeng School and Education Museum, the oldest museum of its kind.

Link identifier #identifier__163101-7Roma Tre Orchestra promotes symphonic and chamber music concert series nationally recognised, along with the participation of many of the new generation music scene main players.

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