Political Science

The Department of Political Sciences promotes and coordinates research, teaching and training activities in the broad field of political and social sciences, and in particular in the areas of Political Science, International Relations, Government and Public Administration, Organisation, Cooperation, Development and Peace Studies, European Studies.

The Department sets at the core of its scientific and didactic project the study and analysis of  frames, processes and results related to the activities of institutions, collective actors and political phenomena in general as well as the ways in which, at a national, European and international level, the various parties, aggregate, collaborate or conflict. Research areas of the Department are: Law, Economics, Foreign languages and cultures, Politics, Sociology, Statistics and Demography, History and Anthropology. The complexity of the institutions, of the conduct of national and international actors and of political and social phenomena, as well as the problems of a global and multicultural reality need to overcome the conventional disciplinary divisions in favour of articulated but also complementary skills which combine theoretical research and empirical investigation. The interaction between the peculiarity of the various disciplines and the  interdisciplinarity is therefore both the vocation and the necessary requirement of this Department and it represents one of its strengths.

Research activities are supported by centres and laboratories.

In a context of integration between research and training activities, the Department promotes a PhD course in Political Science.

The Department of Political Science promotes the integration and coordination between research and teaching activities, paying particular attention to the international collaboration with foreign universities and research centres, both in scientific and educational fields, from Bachelor PhD level. This activity is also carried out through the collaboration with other Departments of Roma Tre University and in close contact with the Offices and Services of the University.

Aware of the need to expand the role and functions of the University, which is no longer considered as a closed and self-referential place of educational processes that originate and end within its perimeter, the Department intends to promote, in addition to the tasks related to training and research, the so-called ‘third mission’ of the University, that of contributing, through the transfer and dissemination of knowledge, to the civil, cultural, social, economic development of the territory, including its various institutional and social issues.



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