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It is our great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to everyone!
We hope this web site will meet your information needs and, for those unfamiliar with the University, provide a comprehensive introduction to our work, to our aspirations and achievements and to the many opportunities we offer for partnership and participation in the pursuit of our goals.
There are a number of factors that make this a particularly exciting and dynamic period in the history of the University among which the increasing recognition of the high quality of our teaching and research, the continuing development of the capital city of which we are privileged to be part, a number of ambitious and visionary projects.
Through the efforts of a dedicated and talented staff, the University has established itself as a progressive and successful centre of higher education and earned its current position among the front rank of Italian universities. Our success serves further to fuel our ambition as we increase our service to society – locally, nationally and internationally.
Our main mission is to produce knowledge and to transmit it within an international horizon. We want to provide our students with the necessary skills for a quick and satisfactory entrance into the labour market. Our motto is ‘learning by doing‘.
Whether you are a prospective student or a current student; a staff member or collaborator; or one of our many other stakeholders, we hope you benefit from your visit to this site and any further interaction with the University.

European Student Mobility Programmes Office

Information and assistance for:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Erasmus + students
  • Erasmus + Teaching Staff Mobility
  • Inter- institutional agreements within the Erasmus + Programme

Address: Via Ostiense 149, ground floor

Email: Link identifier #identifier__31818-1eu-programmes@uniroma3.it
Outgoing students: Link identifier #identifier__194710-2outgoing.students@uniroma3.it
Incoming students: Link identifier #identifier__18130-3incoming.students@uniroma3.it
Erasmus Traineeship: Link identifier #identifier__146842-4erasmus.tirocini@uniroma3.it
Inter-institutional agreements /Teaching and Staff Mobility: Link identifier #identifier__178885-5erasmus.agreements@uniroma3.it

Students with Foreign Qualification and University Mobility Programmes Office

Information and assistance for:

  • bilateral inter-university exchange students
  • student grants for thesis related research and extra-EU mobility
  • Marco Polo Programme;
  • Enrollment of students with foreign degrees and diplomas
  • Recognition of Foreign Degrees

Address: Via Ostiense 149, ground floor

Link identifier #identifier__18538-6mobilita.internazionale@uniroma3.it
Link identifier #identifier__134930-7segr.stud.titoloestero@uniroma3.it

International Policies Office

The Link identifier #identifier__46474-8International Policies Office handles international agreements, double degrees programmes, institutional projects for the internationalization of teaching and third mission, as well as international networks. Within the General Management Coordination Area, the office oversees and coordinates internal structures regarding international relations and policies.

National Research Office

European Research Office

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