Research and Consultancy Contracts

Among the university’s essential tools of knowledge transfer and direct interaction with society are its third-party commissioned services and commercial activities, that is the monetization of the knowledge produced by the university (as per Article 66 of Italian Presidential Decree 382/80 – Commissioned Research and Consultancy, and Article 49 of Royal Decree 1592/1933 – Tariffed Services – Revenue for educational activities, seminars and conferences carried out on behalf of third parties). The university supports the development of third-party activities in all disciplinary areas under the conviction idea that the commercial monetization of knowledge can also produce public and social assets of high innovative value. A concrete example of this is the employment contract certification and work dispute mediation services offered by the Link identifier #identifier__171979-1University Contract Certification Commission, which was established in the university’s Department of Economics under the Italian Ministry of Labour Decree No. 21/2011, and quickly assumed a leading role at the national level.

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