Events Schedule of the Foreign Cultural Institutes in Rome

Rome is the only capital in the world which hosts over 70 Foreign Cultural Institutes.

In the wake of the Grand Tour, many headquarters of Cultural Institutes and Academies have been established, often with prestigious and imposing residences. These are places where it’s constantly represented the culture of foreign populations through libraries, conferences and meetings among foreign and local scholars, theatre plays and concerts. Till today, this vast cultural heritage seems little enjoyed because not well known by students of Roma Tre. This internationalisation proposal has the aim to increase knowledge of cultural heritage far from ours but very close if considering it within an intercultural larger project. The idea is” to go abroad by tram!”: from Cestia Pyramid symbol of our University, to Valle Giulia where are gathered together the Academies and the Institutes. The Cultural Institutes are welcoming, free, easily accessible and full of proposals that may encourage new curiosities and deepen previous studies.

Below, you will find a list of all the Cultural Institutions that have been contacted. By consulting each web site, it is possible to know the current and future programming.


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