Founded on a multidisciplinary approach, the Department of Economics covers a wide range of economic, legal, mathematical and statistical skills. Its aim is to promote the dissemination of culture and the progress of theoretical and applied research in the economic disciplines, also in relation to the institutional context. It recognizes the importance of an interdisciplinary scientific contribution and the existence of a plurality of analysis methods and positions, encouraging their dialectical confrontation. On this basis, the Department of Economics supports the integration and coordination between research and teaching activities.

Research is based on instruments of analysis belonging to economic theory, politics, and applied economics, in synergy with quantitative methods and legal analysis, and it covers the following areas: general economic balance, classical and Keynesian theory, macroeconomic politics (both sector-specific and territorial), public economy, international economy, development economy, industrial economy, currency and finance, environment and energy, work and welfare. The educational programme is based on a three-year degree course in Economics. In addition to this the Department offer a Master’s Degree Course in Economics, one in Labour Market and Welfare, one in Environmental and Development Economics, as well as an international Postgraduate Course in Human Development and Food Security, one in Cooperative Business (economics, law and management) and  a Specialising Course in Occupational Safety Management. At a more advanced level, in connection with research activities, we offer a PhD in Economics, organised in the following curricula: Environment, Development and International Relations, Political Economy and Production Systems and Public Policies.

The activity of the Department is based on evaluation and reward criteria. It promotes internationalisation, dissemination of knowledge and relations with society and local institutions.




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