The Department of Economics, founded on a multidisciplinary approach, covers a wide range of economic, legal, mathematical and statistical skills. Its aim is to promote, in relation to the institutional context, the dissemination of culture and the progress in theoretical and applied research within the economic disciplines. The Department recognizes the importance of an interdisciplinary scientific contribution and a multi method approach of analysis and doctrinal positions by encouraging dialectical confrontation. On this basis, the Department of Economics supports the integration and coordination between research and teaching activities. Evaluation, award criteria and internationalization are the basic tools for wider knowledge and the enhancement of relations with society and territory.
Department’s activities are aimed at achieving this purpose through:

  • innovative and multidisciplinary educational programs at all university levels. The Academic offer provides two Bachelor’s degree courses in “Economics” and in “Economics and data science” and two Master’s degree courses in “Economics” and in “Environment and development economics”. As for postgraduate courses, the Department offers an Advanced International Professional course of I level in “Human Development and Food Security” and two Advanced Professional courses of II level in “Expert in labor market and welfare” and in “Cooperative Business: economics, law and management”. In addition, the Department offers, two lifelong learning courses: “INPS, Public Administration in Italian law for Tenders – Reforms and PNRR” and one in” Public and Private in the digitizing ecosystems: applications for the tracking in blockchain in the Public Administration and in Companies”.
  • research based on instruments of analysis belonging to economic theory, politics, and applied economics, in synergy with quantitative methods and legal analysis, covers the following areas: general economic balance, classical and Keynesian theory, macroeconomic politics (both sector-specific and territorial), public economy, international economy, development economy, industrial economy, currency and finance, environment and energy, work and welfare. In this context, research activities developed by the professors of the Department, are related to the PhD in Economics.
  • third mission which is realized throughout an intense networking by the implementation of relations with companies and institutions (both national and international) designed to develop cross-cutting activities to research and education, strengthening direct contact between the university and the socio-economic context, focusing on initiatives increasing the collective well-being at social, cultural and educational level.

Within this context, education of young generations plays a key role among the activities of the Department of Economics whose main purpose is to enhance Academic offer and research creating closer connections between the results of the abovementioned activities and the content proposed by the courses of study. The support and active involvement of the main representatives of the labor market and institutional bodies contribute to achieving the goal.

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