Research Development

For an idea to come to fruition requires not only the hard work of university researchers and university, but also the collaboration of industrial partners and other external parties interested in the development and industrialization of scientific research products and investors interested in financing research, development and marketing activities. During this last phase of development, it is especially important to consider the original research aims that lead to the conception and marketing of the idea or product, as well as respect for individuals, progress in society, youth development, focused particularly on recent graduates, doctoral students and scholarship recipients, youth employment, and sustainable development that respects nature and the environment.

Significant positive impacts on society can only be achieved through strong ties with institutions governing industrial policy and regulating public and private research and economic development funding. Accordingly, Roma Tre University aims to play a primary role in relations with companies and investors throughout all phases of the complex process leading from original conception to industrialization of the final product.

The development of information and communication technologies and the diffusion of mass production and consumption models have triggered and amplified a variety of global environmental crises, such as the climate crisis, and local crises, such as pollution and health risks, which are compromising the quality of life and mortgaging the living conditions of future generations.

For this reason, the university considers it strategic to give maximum importance to aspects of environmental and energy sustainability that are essential to safeguarding the quality of life of individuals and of human society in general.

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