Roma Tre Europe Direct Centre

logo Europe directThe Roma Tre Europe Direct Centre is a service providing information on the activities and the opportunities offered by the European Union, open to all citizens. It is part of the network of the official European Union’s information points (Directorate-General for Communications). 

Our communication activities aim at creating interest for citizens and promoting the dialogue on Europe, also together with other information networks and contact points. Moreover, the Roma Tre Europe Direct Centre fosters the dissemination of the European Union’s policies in the local area, promoting events and activities on topics of European interest. 

The Roma Tre Europe Direct Centre is part of the Link identifier #identifier__11626-1Italian Network of Europe Direct and carries out its activities in coordination with the Link identifier #identifier__192688-2EDC Discipol Roma Tre and the other Europe Direct and European Documentation Centres active in the Region of Lazio and Italy. 

Coordinator: Prof. Raffaele Torino 

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Teresa Maria Moschetta

Information and contact details

AddressVia Ostiense, 159 – 00154 Rome
Telephone06 54085287-09
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