University life

Link identifier #identifier__141292-2R3 Sport

Offers a number of proposals, activities and sports facilities able to meet everyone’s needs, from football to chess, from pilates to volleyball.

Link identifier #identifier__77840-4Palladium Theatre

Located in the heart of Garbatella district, it’s Roma Tre’s theatre performing a rich variety of plays and events

Link identifier #identifier__69676-6Roma Tre Radio

It’s the web radio of Roma Tre,students can listen and get involved on how to do radio as speakers, in radio production and broadcasting

Link identifier #identifier__69614-8Roma Tre Orchestra

It was founded in 2005, it is the first university orchestra established in Rome and in the Lazio Region, devoted to the excellence and the spread of the great music among younger generation. All students of Roma Tre, can participate in this wonderful experience of ensamble music and carry on their musical passion at a professional level.

Link identifier #identifier__96872-10Student Accommodation

Link identifier #identifier__153940-12Canteens and cafeterias

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