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Roma Tre University is the youngest public University in Rome and since its foundation has always considered the importance of sport and its combination with study, ensuring its students the necessary facilities to keep practicing sports as determined by Regulations of Public Universities. The improvement of sports activities is carried out by the Link identifier #identifier__82674-1"Sport Services Area" which manages university sports facilities and organizes sporting events.

Sport has a logo at Roma Tre, the image of a greyhound representing sprint, energy, youth, connection with the territory and restarting after having achieved one’s goal.

The enhancement of student sports practice and related projects goes hand in hand with the effort to propose an increasingly varied and accessible sports offering. This is performed through the restructuring and upgrading of existing facilities such as the stadium “Alfredo Berra” and “The Towers” sports center. Roma Tre today has won its bet, and a project has become a reality.

Roma Tre provides, as well, students discount with private sports facilities located near the Departments (swimming, tennis, martial arts, fitness, weight machines). The flagship is the organization of both male and female 11-a-side and 5-a-side soccer but the great satisfaction is the enhancement of other sports such as: athletics, chess, table tennis, basketball, volleyball.


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