Departments and Schools

Roma Tre University is organized in:

  • 13 Link identifier #identifier__14658-1Departments that manage, coordinate, plan and promote scientific research as well as teaching and training activities. Departments are responsible for carrying on the development of the following functions:
    • research;
    • teaching and training activities related to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as PhDs;
    • other educational activities;
    • external activities related to research and teaching or aimed at enhancing and disseminating the activities and competences of the Departments themselves, including partnership, spin-off and start-up initiatives.

Two or more departments can submit to the Academic Senate the proposal of setting up a school, owing the function to coordinate and rationalise teaching activities.

  • 1 Link identifier #identifier__171909-2School that provides high organisational and qualitative standards and ensures the perfect sustainability of study programmes, coordinates the teaching programming guidelines and the proposals for activating specific courses in the departmental academic offer. They also give advice and remarks concerning teaching staff recruitment, assessing the compatibility and functionality of recruitment proposals in relation to teaching planning and academic offer.
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