Innovation, industrial research and development projects

Roma Tre University is committed to promoting projects concerning process innovation, the organization of SMEs, industrial research and experimentation consistent with the principles of Industry 4.0.

In particular, the university aims to develop Industry 4.0 compliant industrial research projects and solutions that, through technology transfer initiatives, address the management of the security and privacy of infrastructures, systems and services.

The Prorector for Innovation is also focused on the development of an innovation, start-up support and technology transfer ecosystem across the Lazio Region, with a view to promoting:

  • Dialogue, collaboration and synergies among all stakeholders, including universities, research centres, young graduates, undergraduates, companies, trade associations, public and private incubators and accelerators, institutions, chambers of commerce, investors, financiers and so on.
  • The identification and development of technological and innovative trajectories that can stimulate regional economic growth and excellence. Example include the university’s proposal to establish a regional cyber security competence centre and its participation as a key research organization in the Lazio Region’s Call for Link identifier #identifier__173995-1Strategic Projects.

Other Innovation, industrial research and development projects:

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