PHD Programmes

The PhD represents the highest academic degree awarded by Italian universities. The PhD title is awarded after the completion of a three year-study and research programme whose access is regulated by a call for admissions. Admission to a PhD course is reserved to applicants holding a Master’s degree or a Single Cycle Degree. Citizens of any state and without age limits are admitted, provided that the qualification obtained has been previously recognized as equivalent to an Italian academic qualification.

Every year the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research states on the accreditation of courses that can be activated; each University, upon proposal of the Departments, establishes courses, number of places and number of scholarships.

Roma Tre offers a wide range of PhD courses particularly in the fields in which the University is developing a specific, wide, qualified and continuous research activity recognized at international level.

Information on Call for Application are available in the Italian version of the website: Link identifier #identifier__142445-1Call for Application for PhD Programs

 Within the following page: Link identifier #identifier__176914-2Regulations on Research (Italian version) of Roma Tre University, it is possible to consult Regulation on PHD Programs (Italian version)

For further information please contact the Link identifier #identifier__110952-3National Research Office at the following e-mail address:

 The office receives in person only for the issuing of the doctoral certificate after having booked Link identifier #identifier__35984-4an appointment.

In order to collect the doctoral certificate or the Diploma, it is necessary to submit a copy of a valid ID document and a €16 stamp duty for each type of the abovementioned certificates.


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  • Link identifier #identifier__159856-7Economics

Business Economics

Philosophy, Communication And Performing Arts


Department Of Civil, Computer Science And Aeronautical Technologies Engineering

Industrial, Electronic And Mechanical Engineering

Foreign Languages, Literatures And Cultures

Mathematics And Physics


Education Science

Political Science

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  • Link identifier #identifier__16889-29Political studies


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