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The Department of Education Science (DSF) intends to act as a leading partner in the national and international scientific community. Aware of the responsibility that cultural institutions necessarily need to take on, the Department aims at contributing in terms of studies and knowledge to the enhancement and promotion of the various knowledge areas, as well as scientific and teaching research methods, following the guidelines developed by the former Faculty of Education Science and the Departments relating to education and training areas, in order to maintain its leading role in the progress of a complex reality, such as the metropolitan area of Rome. The new DSF follows up, therefore, the many studies and innovative projects that have previously involved its members, while at the same time focusing on the classical contents of Pedagogy and Human and Social Sciences applied to Education.

The DSF is as a research and teaching unit constantly trying to finalise the nature of things, how they are taught and learned. This aim is of further importance in relation to the actual transformation of knowledge, economics, social balances and communication methods as well as in relation to an active context demanding Universities an equally dynamic commitment of interpretation and actions.

Specific objectives of the DSF are:

a) To promote the enrichment of knowledge and disciplinary frameworks socio-educational processes, with particular attention to the advancement of historical-theoretical and empirical-experimental research;

b) To lead study, research, as well as individual and group engagement to a local, national and international confrontation as well as to the enhancement of relevant topics in people and groups training;

c) To encourage dialogue and collaboration among fundamental disciplines for studying and developing psychic, cognitive, affective and socio-relational processes in the global society as well as for solving specific problems emerging in the territorial context;

d) To establish a close link between research and teaching in an area of crucial importance for the development of cultures and professions;

e) To ensure the mature and informed development of communication technologies in order to maximise the functionality and transparency of decision-making, information, administration, investigation and teaching practices.




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