Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts

The Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts is the result of a plurality of converging competences interacting with each other and aimed at carrying out scientific research and educational activities. On a scientific level the Department pursues two priority and interdependent objectives: excellence in each research area and interdisciplinary dialogue among the various fields of study, firmly believing that the mutual exchange of knowledge can only lead to an enrichment and to high quality competences and studies. In order to achieve these goals, the Department relies on lecturers belonging to different academic disciplines, as Philosophy, Communication, Language Sciences, Historical Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Cinema, Television, Media, Theatre, Music and Arts. This in order to foster an articulated and multifaceted expertise, which could dialogue with the productive world and the institutions and at the same time lead the Department’s competences to a prominent role in the social process.

On the educational level, the Degree Courses related to the Department aim at the acquisition of critical analytical skills in philosophical, historical, language, social, art, performing and communication contexts as well as at mastering research methods based on the various patterns that have characterized philosophy from antiquity to the contemporary world; they also intend to achieve in-depth knowledge on the most important issues rising in the current philosophical debate, on the critical, historical and interpretative orientation of the history and theory of cinema, theatre, music and television, as well as on the skills and understanding competences in communication sciences. For this purpose, the Department offers its students the fundamental principles and critical tools to enrich their cultural background in philosophical, historical, communication, linguistic and performing areas, as well as to enhance their competence in understanding and using methodological tools to elaborate original ideas in independent research contexts.



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