University service centres

Service Centres are established to organize and carry out activities aiming at enriching and integrating Roma Tre’s academic offer as well as additional activities supporting teaching, research and the administration.

Link identifier #identifier__40224-1University Language Centre – CLA

Inter-departmental teaching centres

Teaching Centres are established to organize and carry out training activities that do not constitute any Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme themselves and that also require competences from different Departments and Schools.

Centro di Didattica Interdipartimentale per la Chimica – CISDIC

Inter-departmental research centres

Research Centres are established to organize and carry out multi-annual significant scientific projects and to manage laboratories and scientific equipment pertaining to several departments. Research centres can be inter-departmental or they can have a consortium organisation, if involving departments of other universities and/or other public or private bodies.

Link identifier #identifier__86231-2List of inter-departmental research centres

Centres of excellence

The Centres of excellence were established at Roma Tre University on the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) in the framework of a European project for the creation of high-profile centres networks.

Link identifier #identifier__11284-3List of centres of excellence



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