Research Repository

The evaluation of research activities conducted in universities has gained  significant importance both for the entire university system and within each single university. Roma Tre has hence looked at the possibility of giving the University the right informative tools to support in the best possible way the monitoring and evaluations of the research activities carried out in its departments. Amongst them it was considered quite noteworthy to create a University Research Repository.

The Research Repository is meant to fulfil other fundamental needs in addition to this primary use, and that is to notably contribute to the development of the university.
University research structures should be able to communicate, always more effectively, with the economic and productive reality of our country. The university departments should let the productive world know the subjects of their researches and their results, what scientific labs are active at Roma Tre and their potential relating to applied research. Moreover, the Research Repository guarantees a specific informative service related to international collaborations in the field of scientific research.

The registry allows you to find, with reference both to the single researcher and to the different research structures, information related to the “research products” such as:

  • Book publications;
  • Chapter or essay publications;
  • Publication of articles in magazines;
  • Publication of articles of acts concerning conferences;
  • Other products (patent, project, multi-media product etc.).

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Informazioni di sistema 03 April 2018