Departments and research centres

Roma Tre University is divided into twelve departments which promote and organise scientific research activities, didactic and training activities, as well as all external activities associated to it and that are optional.

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Interdepartmental research centres
Research centres have been created to manage and carry out long-standing important scientific projects, to coordinate scientific laboratories or structures linked to more than one department. They can be interdepartmental or they can create a consortium with departments of other universities or other public or private institutions.

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Centres of Excellence
The Centres of Excellence, not included in the Regulations, have been created in our university ensuing an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research that established them with a decree following a European guideline in terms of a network of high level centres requested by every national ministry with specific incentives. […]”
(Academic Senate session 19.10.2004, point 5a. agenda. all. S)

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