Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts

The Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts is the result of the convergence of a plurality of competences that intend to interact with each other to carry out  scientific research and training activities. From the scientific point of view, there are two priorities and interdependent objectives: the pursuit of levels of excellence in individual research areas and an interdisciplinary dialogue between the different fields, which find in the mutual exchange of knowledge a productive ground for reaching the highest levels of specific competence. In order to achieve these objectives, the Department relies on lecturers belonging to different S. S. D. which deal with Philosophy, Communication, Language Sciences, Historical Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Cinema, Television, Media, Theatre, Music and Arts. All this in order to integrate skills and communicate with both the productive forces of society and the institutions, so that the expertise and knowledge of the Department can play a role in society.

From the didactic point of view, the Bachelor’s Courses related to the Department aim at the acquisition of critical analytical skills in philosophical, historical, language and social sciences, arts, entertainment and communication contexts. Furthermore, they aim at learning the methods of research and the different mind patterns that have characterized philosophy from antiquity to the contemporary world; they also tend to achieve extensive information on the most important issues that are emerging in the current philosophical debate, on the critical, historical and interpretative orientation of the different fields that characterize the history and theory of cinema, theatre, music, television, skills and understanding in the field of communication sciences. For this purpose, the Department offers its students the fundamental principles and critical tools both to enhance the cultural heritage in philosophical, historical, communicative, linguistic and entertainment fields, and to improve their ability to understand and use the methodological tools that are necessary to elaborate original ideas in an independent research context.



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