The Department of Science is the result of the integration of different scientific disciplines of the Faculty of Sciences MMFFNN: Biology, Chemistry, Physics of the Matter and Earth Sciences, united by the methods of scientific research carried out through the production of experimental data and the consequent elaboration of theories and interpretative models.

Priority objectives of the department are:

  • To establish a reference point in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics of the Matter and Earth Sciences that will develop basic and applied research and provide quality teaching.
  • To promote scientific excellence in its research and advanced teaching functions, also through a distribution of resources that takes into account the evaluation criteria adopted at a national level by independent control bodies and the ability to manage projects and collect resources from outside.
  • To develop, through the integration of different scientific competences, innovative and multidisciplinary research lines.
  • To strengthen international collaborations in the various areas of research.
  • To further increase, through the development of applied research, collaboration with local authorities and both public and private companies.
  • To provide a quality training that combines theoretical didactic activities with a significant part of experimental and laboratory experiences, and to integrate basic training initiatives with more specific professional ones, to intercept the demands of the work environment.
  • To give strength to the initiatives which have been already implemented for promoting the internationalization of teaching.
  • To provide and promote PhD training which is currently held in postgraduate and PhD schools.

Following the positive experiences of the departments of origin, this new Department has a high quality integrated structure in terms of didactics, in which scientific expertise in a wide range of disciplines provides the basis for the development of research lines, as well as innovative and interdisciplinary teaching activities which are able to compete at different national and international contexts.




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