Consumers and Markets

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The course main target is to achieve a high level of legal and market economy analysis specialization.The so called global finance, the new role of lending, banking and insurance activities and the ensuing consumerism's new frontiers attest the central role of the law of economics both at national and European levels and militate toward highly specialized formative courses. The project's core encompasses several SSDs, additional to that of the Law of Economics, some also belonging to the economic sciences field. All this however being framed by a tight cultural coherent logic, assured by the unity and specificity of the subject . The presence of different areas and of several SSDs is grounded on the theoretical and practical need to prepare students who will be equipped with practical knowledge of the issues,capable of handling critically different methods of analysis of data and issues. In this way the SJD program is articulated in different areas to make it possible a stable access and an adequate composition of the fundamental competences required of a strongly specialized scientific and professional education. The final aim is therefore a throughout formation effective at the level of the analysis and competence on the economy, finance and market governance as they show themselves at national, transnational and international level.


Curriculum Diritto dell'economia e dei consumatori
codice CURR823
Curriculum Finanza, mercati e regolazione
codice CURR824
Curriculum Governance e gestione d'impresa
codice CURR825
Curriculum Qualità, innovazione e sostenibilità
codice CURR826