Students with special needs Office

The students with special needs Office offers students with disabilities an environment in which specifically appointed staff is responsible for listening and responding to requests on accessibility, supportive information and additional services.

The Office, in close collaboration with the Rector’s Delegate for disability, specific learning disorders and inclusion support, plays an active and proactive role in dealing with special needs:

in compliance with Law 17/99 – which supplements Law 104/92 – specific services are organised and provided to facilitate the integration and inclusion into University life for students with documented disabilities (equal to or greater than 66%) in order for them to exercise a real right to education through a process of social integration.

The Office provides and coordinates, upon student request, services aimed at enabling and facilitating university attendance (Link identifier #identifier__123548-1, on a specific case-to-case-basis.

At each Department, a Professor has been appointed as the contact person for the educational issues regarding the Department itself (Link identifier #identifier__16325-2 In compliance with Law 170/2010, a Link identifier #identifier__51844-3tutoring service for students with SLD is available to support students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) with particular attention to dyslexia.

Information details
Address Via Ostiense, 169 – 00154 Roma
Telephone 06 57332703
Fax 06 57332702
Web Site Link identifier #identifier__120584-4
Person in charge Link identifier #identifier__123667-5Elisabetta Garuccio Norrito 
Staff Link identifier #identifier__18966-6Stefano Caponigro, Link identifier #identifier__163400-7Marta Marcelli, Link identifier #identifier__180923-8Sonia Urdis
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