Business Economics

The Department of Business Economics hosts a community of scholars who works to develop research on business creation, management and evaluation of public and private companies, regulation of the activities of private individuals, corporate, markets and finance, adopting knowledge and methods coming from economic, business, mathematical and legal sciences. To achieve this goal, the Department promotes and enhances interdisciplinarity as one of its distinguishing features both scientifically and educationally.

The Department of Business Economics intends to develop research projects that fully meet national and international quality requirements, combining theoretical studies with practical implications. Aims of the Department are to create an academic offer strongly integrated with research, where students are given all the necessary tools to enter the professional world, as well as to respond to the demands of companies and public and private institutions operating both locally and in the wider national and international context.

The Department of Business Economics identifies the following three macro-research areas: Accounting, Management and Finance.



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