Computer Science and Automation

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The PhD program of the Computer Science and Automation Section of the Doctoral school of Engineering aims at preparing first class researchers and future leaders in Computer Engineering, Automation and Robotics who will either continue the research career, both in Universities and in research centers, or will lead industrial research and developmen projects. A Faculty of internationally recognized researchers and professors from the Engineering Department of Roma Tre University is responsible for the educational activities and takes part in the organization of the doctoral program. The course covers a three-year period. The first year is mainly devoted to deepening the background of each student with introductory courses covering the relevant topics in the research areas of the PhD program and advanced courses illustrating new results and techniques in specific fields. These courses aim to facilitate students in choosing the PhD research topic. The second and third years are devoted to research with emphasis on active participation in the research projects of DIA, attendance to conferences, schools and seminars, publication of papers in journals and conference proceedings, and the preparation of the final thesis. Usually, each student spends a period of six months in an international research center. The research areas of the PhD program span the whole spectrum of the Department Section on Computer Science and Automation research programs, which are the following: Automation and Industrial Organization, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks Analysis and Visualization, Graph Drawing, Databases and Information Systems, Computer Aided Design, Robotics, COmplex Systems, and Interdependency Modeling of Critical Infrastructures for Risk Analysis.


Curriculum Informatica e automazione
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