Landscape of the contemporary city. Policies, techniques and visual studies

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Object of study and research of the Doctorate in Landscapes of the Contemporary City is the city, understood as a set of material and social relationships and spatial shapes and communicative forms. The contemporary city seems to realize a future different from the one announced by modern and positivist evolutionary science and not sequential in a logical sense with events. Inside the contemporary city there is space for the contradictory presence of high technology buildings and self-builders’ ones, informal and planned spaces, immaterial and physical architectures, static and dynamic settings . The Doctoral Program is part of this conceptual framework and within the changes, sometimes radical, of the cultural and operating instruments that are typical both of communication and design and urban architecture. The Program is based on the synergy between different knowledge and disciplines afferent to the fields of the urban public space design and the visual studies, which identify the city and the architecture as their own preferential research field. The objective of the Doctoral program is the output of advanced studies and researches about the interpretation of urban and territorial phenomena, the architectural and the landscape design inside the contemporary city, the development and interpretation of the visual devices of and connected productions, starting with cinema and the different current technical reproduction solutions.


Curriculum Architetture dei paesaggi urbani
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Curriculum Cinema e cultura visuale
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