Linguistic and literary cultures and civilization from Antiquity to Modern age

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The principal aim of the Doctorate is to give an high education to the scholars and to render them able to carry out an original scientific research in the fields of literature and history of the ancient Greek and Roman world as well as in the fields of the linguistic history and Italian medieval, modern and contemporary literature, with special attention to the aspects of continuity in the time. Both curricula focus their interest on the study of the text and the document that will be investigated according to rigorous historical and philological method, in the light of the historical-cultural framework and in an international perspective. In particular, the curriculum “Civiltà e tradizione greca e romana” is concerned with philology, Greek and Latin literature of classical and medieval age, ancient Christian literature, Greek and Roman history, Greek and Latin epigraphy, papirology and paleography, manuscript transmission of texts, “Fortleben” of the classical culture and tradition. The curriculum “Italianistica” is concerned with Italian literature from its Origins to the present, Italian linguistics, history of literary criticism and of critical methodologies, Italian philology as well as library sciences.


Curriculum Civiltà e tradizione greca e romana
codice CURR1056
Curriculum Italianistica
codice CURR1057