To give the students the basic skills for a critical understanding of urban problems and to compare these with the role of architectural approach
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Mutuazione: 21002138 STUDI URBANI, SPAZIO E COMUNITA' in Architettura - Progettazione urbana LM-4 CAUDO GIOVANNI


The aims of Urban Studies course are to provide students with the essential theoretical framework for a critical understanding of urban issues and to be able to compare these with the more large vision of the urban project. The structure of the course and the issues proposed will allow the student to put his university training experience in dialogue with the themes of architecture and those of urban studies by establishing interconnections to build a more global picture of urban skills.

Core Documentation

References and bibliography are given during the course. As an example:
Massimo Cacciari, La città, Pazzini
Leonardo Benevolo, La cattura dell'infinito, Laterza
Giovanni Ferraro, Il libro dei luoghi, Jaka book
Roberto Esposito, Communitas, Einaudi
Michel Foucault, Spazi altri, i luoghi delle eterotopie (a cura di) S. Vaccaro, Mimesis
Francesco Remotti, Contro l'identità, Laterza

Type of delivery of the course

The course is a continuous reading seminar shared with students. The readings provide the starting point for insights, discussions and get used to the critical comparison of the texts and topics concerning the urban condition.


attendance at the course, and therefore at shared readings, is essential to take the exam

Type of evaluation

the exam is oral only and includes a discussion on all the readings taken during the course