The optional course lasts the whole academic year and provides for the participation in the “Seminario itinerante di progettazione Villard”, reaches the seventeenth edition. To the Seminar participate 13 Faculties, Italian and foreign (Alghero, Ascoli Piceno, Napoli, Palermo, Paris Malaquais, Reggio Calabria, Patrasso, Roma, Venezia, Ancona, Milano, Genova, Pescara, Trapani) and some prestigious cultural institutions. The Seminar, is reserved to the students of the Laurea Magistrale and, for organizational matters, to a maximum of 10 students selected in base to the worth, through the presentation of a portfolio and an interview.
The program foresees the layout of a project on the theme of year, generally proposed by administrations town or other institutions or corporate and, however, connected to different territorial realities. The theme is introduced at the beginning of the seminar and developed during the year according to the anticipated schedule. The trip and the knowledge of the cities constitutes the main core of the seminar. During every meetings, generally four and of the duration of two/three days, lessons, lectures, visits and shows are organized, with the contribution of the teachers of the Faculties participants.
The itinerancy of the seminar ensures that students come into contact with different physical and cultural places, crossing experiences and knowledge with teachers and students from other cities. The seminar has its conclusion in a final event: the show, with the presentation and awarding of the best projects, followed by the publication of the catalog with the work of students and critical contributions collected during the seminar.
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