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Learning from Abroad is a design laboratory with an international character, which provides a complex and original design experience, accompanied by the opening towards horizons at the center of the culture and practice of contemporary architectural debate.
The "Architecture for Work and Production" Laboratory aims to carry out the project of a building or a small complex of buildings with a high urban or territorial value, able, on the one hand, of innovating the approach to Work and Industrial production and, on the other, to regenerate an industrial or peripheral urban area.
The project will be developed in groups of maximum 4 students and will be divided into three phases: a. urban concept; b. architectural vision; c. design development.
The scale will not exceed 1: 100 but there may be detailed insights. Technology will be seen as a constitutive element of the design choices.
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The theme is Work and Production. Office buildings linked to production activities with the possibility of involving the surrounding area. The issue of work model innovation and architectural, environmental, economic and social sustainability will be fundamental.

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Reference Bibliography

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Type of delivery of the course

The verification will take place exclusively through the evaluation of the design proposal.


attendance is mandatory for 75%

Type of evaluation

The Laboratory develops in lectures and seminars to review the design project.